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A temperature  transmitter is an ideal solution for many remote temperature measurement applications. Common temperature sensing devices such as thermocouples and RTDs produce very small "signals". These sensors can be connected to a  transmitter that will amplify and condition the small signal. Once conditioned to a usable level, this signal can be transmitted through ordinary copper wire and used to drive other equipment such as meters, dataloggers, chart recorders computers or controllers.

FABRIKA  is marketing in India  temperature transmitters manufactured by  S- Products, Netherlands .


Available in all standard calibrations for thermocouples & RTD's  

Transmitters come with a 5 year warrantee.

Transmitters provide a two-wire output with the same wiring used for power and output.

A rugged metal enclosure, suitable for field mounting, offers environmental protection and screw terminal input and output connections.

These  transmitters are linearized to the voltage signal produced by the thermocouple or RTD.

The two-wire transmitters convert the thermocouple or RTD signal to a 4-20 mA output signal.

Analog Transmitters are available with dip switch selection for several thermocouple types per model, as well as thermocouple and RTD selection on a signal model.

Two-wire transmitters are available in either isolating or non-isolating models.

Also available are microprocessor based transmitters which can be programmed for calibration , temperature range through a user friendly  ' Point & Click Software '

Available in DIN Rail mounting or Head Mounting Type.

Two-wire transmission permits remote mounting of the transmitter near the sensor to minimize the effects of noise and signal degradation to which low level sensor outputs are susceptible.

Contact us to receive literature on entire range of transmitters offered.

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