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Resistance Thermometry is based on the principle of change of resistance of a conductor due to a change in it's temperature. The  temperature sensitive bulb (RTD) consists of a compactly wound, strain free, rigidly supported filament of pure platinum wire. The winding when subjected to the temperature to be measured, changes its resistance. This change is accurately measured by a suitable resistance measuring instrument, connected to the resistance thermometer. The resistance value is interpreted directly as a measure of temperature.

Resistance Temperature Detectors ( RTD )  are the most accurate, stable & sensitive thermometers available today and under the latest International Temperature Scale - 90, protocol (ITS - 90), They are the recommended as  standard for comparison checking of all other  types of thermometers, functioning between the range - 260C. to + 960 C.  

" STABLERES " Resistance Thermometer Assemblies are manufactured by FABRIKA from Platinum bulbs with a nominal resistance value of 100 Ohms at 0 C or in some special cases with 50 Ohms windings. Elements with 200 Ohms , 500 Ohms or 1000 Ohms  windings are also offered for special high sensitivity applications.

The Platinum RTD bulbs are completely sealed, so that no foreign matter can reach the measuring wire element, ensuring long term stability. The RTD bulbs are supported, strain free in closely machined protecting tubes. The sensitive bulbs are packed in an inert mineral insulation media, which is vibration compacted and sealed against ingress of impurities. The resultant assemblies are compact, vibration resistant and quick responding.

FABRIKA, offers the widest range of Resistance Thermometers in all standard industry sizes, elements and materials. Complete with installation fittings for screwed, welded, or flange mounting.


State of the art Resistance Thermometers, for in situ mounting in Bearings, Thrust Pads, etc. as protection for large rotating machinery, with extremely small dimensions and high vibration resistance properties are our specialty. We can also design and supply high reliability Miniature Sensors for surface temperature measurements in 3 wire or 4 wire configurations.


Bearing Temperature RTD's
Housing Temperature RTD's
High Precision Standard RTD's
Stator "SLOT" Winding Temperature RTD's
Surface temperature Measurement RTD's
RTD's for Plastic Industry
Thrust Pad Bearing RTD's
Industrial RTD assemblies


We welcome development orders of RTD's to customers specificatons. We can confidently develop import substitution sensors of any type to meet world quality standards.


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