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Complete Thermometery Solutions

Industrial Thermocouple Assemblies

Design a Thermocouple assembly based on your application requirements. We offer a large variety of permutations and combinations to meet your requirements. Select the most suitable.  Also available are MI Assemblies for Plastic Extruding / Processing Machinery.

We offer a wide variety of Resistance Temperature Detectors for bearing temperatures , stator winding temperatures, etc. We can design a sensor for your application.

 Resistance Temperture Detectors

Instrumentation Related to Temperature Measurement & Control

Instrumentation to amplify , record analyse your temperature data. Select from our range of Portable Temperature Indicators Temperature Controllers - Analog as well as PID Type, Temperature Transmitters, PC Interfaceable Multi channel Temperature Scanners.

Thermowells to protect your RTD , Thermocouple sensor from harsh process conditions. Contact us for designing a thermowell to meet your requirements.


Instrumentation Signals & Cable

FABRIKA manufactures a wide variety of cables & hookup wire in PTFE , PVC , Fiberglass, FEP, Silicon Rubber insulation or with composite combinations of different insulation types in single as well as multi pair construction. Click here to learn More.

From High Temperature Cements to Miniature Quick Connect/Disconnect Plug Sockets , Compression fittings, Temperature Indicating Labels, Special High Temperature Composite Sleeving, Infrared Thermometers.

Speciality Products & Accessories


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