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High Temperature Cements

We offer High temperature Ceramic Cements for bonding purposes . These Cements can be used for bonding glass to glass, glass to steel etc. and offer high resistance to electricity, chemicals and thermal shocks. They have a maximum service temperature of upto 1100o C. There are two types of High Temperature Cements available : Thermobond & Thermobond 20 .Download our data sheets in PDF format from our download section

Quick Connect Disconnect Plug Sockets   

These color coded, quick disconnect plugs and jacks provide reliable and quick connection between thermocouples and their extension wires or other terminals.The plug socket bodies are molded from glass filled nylon compounds which have very high impact resistance and also high temperature stability. All metal parts of the connectors which are in contact with the thermocouple wires or terminals are made out of the corresponding thermo electric alloy which meets ANSI grade calibration. These are available ex - stock for all thermocouple calibrations.


Compression Fittings

FABLOCK Compression fittings can be applied at any point along the protection tube for sealing the thermocouple assembly. The fittings are of brass or type 316 Stainless steel. Pressure ratings are up to 5000 psi depending on material assembly construction & service temperature . We have a range of standard compression fittings for various sizes and available in a number of thread sizes. Let us know your requirement........

Cold Junction Compensation Boxes ( CJCB )
Eliminate use of expensive Thermocouple compensating alloy cables for transmitting of thermocouple output over large distances. Thermocouple Cold Junctions are brought to the CJCB’ s and maintained at 00C or 600C. The connecting wires upto the CJCB need to be Extension / Compensating Wires. The output from the CJCB can be by means of ordinary COPPER wire. Thus Thermocouple referencing systems reduce the necessity of using expensive Thermocouple compensating alloy cables. These CJCB’s are available in single or multiple element configurations. Write to us today for further information.

Temperature Indicating Labels
These adhesive-backed monitors consist of one or more heat-sensitive indicators sealed under transparent, heat-resistant windows. The centers of these indicators turn from white to black at the temperature ratings as shown on the label face. This color change, caused by the temperature sensitive substance being absorbed into its backing material, is irreversible. After registering the temperature history of the workpiece, the exposed monitor label can then be removed and affixed to a service report to remain part of permanent record.

Fast Response Skin Temperature Measurement Adhesive Pads : 
For economical and accurate Surface Temperature measurements use our Adhesive backed skin temperature measurement pads rated for continuous use upto 260
0C and intermittent use upto 3000C. Call us for further Information.

TECSIL & NEXTEL Braided Sleeving : 
Tecsil & Nextel Braided sleevings are for high temperature use in range of 1100 to 1200
0C . Nextel braided sleeving uses include hose and cable protection in hostile high temperature environments, electrical insulation, and thermocouple or instrument wire insulation. Tecsil Sleevings provide protection against molten metal splash and radiant heat for critical cooling hoses, hydraulic lines, electrical leads, and many other industrial applications. 

Expendable Thermocouple Tips:
Our Range of expendable/ disposable thermocouple tips for the Steel Industry, Foundries etc. 

Switching Systems:
These, in combination with indicators, provide an accurate and reliable means of converting a single point measuring device into a multipoint unit. Rotary, key, push-button and custom-made switches are available to meet virtually any application.Wiring in these switches can be either of copper, or a matched thermocouple material to eliminate temperature gradient effects.

Industrial Glass Thermometer Assemblies
For your requirements in Glass Thermometers , look at our range of Industrial Glass Thermometer assemblies available  as mercury or spirit filled to meet your requirement.


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