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When the need arises for measuring temperature in various industrial situations, most engineers think in terms of expensive electronic temperature measuring equipment. In many cases, though, you can do the job with less costly and much simpler methods. When the need is only for an indication that a pre determined temperature has or has not been reached, heat-sensitive materials in the form of crayons, paints, pellets, or labels can do the job readily, inexpensively, and accurately enough for most industrial applications.

FABRIKA makes available in India temperature indicating labels. These are available in reversible & irreversible types. Select one  for your application.

Principle:- These heat-sensitive, fusible materials consist of crystalline solids. When heated, a temperature will be reached in which the solids change sharply to a liquid. The melting point is reproducible and is virtually unaffected by ambient conditions that may cause errors with other temperature-sensing methods. For example, electrical means of measuring temperatures often function erratically in the presence of static electricity, electrical "noise" or ionized air near electrical equipment.

Important Features:-


The temperature indications obtained are unquestionably those of the surface   being tested.

The temperature sensitive material is applied directly to the surface, and therefore changes state in direct response to that surface, and only that surface.

No delay in obtaining a signal. As it has an extremely small mass, it attains rapid equilibrium with the surface.

With the use of fusible temperature indicators, there is no conduction of heat away from the surface.

No dependence on the duration of heating.

Simple and Economical.

Tolerance +/- 10C

Self adhesive

Resistant to water, oil and many other chemicals.

 FABRIKA offers these Temperature Indicating Labels in various Temperature Ranges. Contact us to receive the list of standard temperature ranges available for each type of Label.


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