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Engineering Support :-
FABRIKA’s applications approach to Temperature Measurement is backed by excellent engineering knowledge. Over the years , we have been asked to solve many difficult temperature measurement problems. Problems of accessibility, harsh environments, temperature range and accuracy. This experience allows us to be innovative, constantly updating our solutions to meet the new problems of the advanced industry. The results of this have been built in to many of our standard products, available off the shelf.

Manufacturing Capabilities :-
FABRIKA’ s manufacturing facility is specifically designed to allow for the production of state-of-the-art temperature sensing instrumentation. The sensor calibration lab is equipped with a complete calibration system for all types of temperature sensors using international temperature standards. Other facility features include fully equipped mechanical and electrical assembly area.

Research and Development :-
A rigorous R&D program is on-going to achieve a high level of excellence and productivity in the functional areas of product development and application engineering. The strength of the company’s research and development is a major reason for FABRIKA’s image as the leading supplier of temperature sensors and related instrumentation for customer unique applications.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control :-
FABRIKA’s commitment to total quality is exemplified by the company’s recognition as a  supplier of temperature measurement & control instrumentation to the space, nuclear & power generation industry. The measurements required by this highly regulated industry are critical to the safe operation of their facilities. FABRIKA’s Quality Assurance Plan has been periodically subjected to rigorous audits by nuclear and aerospace customers. This same Quality Assurance Program provides standards for all of FABRIKA’s products regardless of the application for which they are intended.

something more :-
FABRIKA’s reputation for manufacturing quality is the result of the right blend of people and machinery. People such as skilled technicians, engineers and machine operators who know their job and take pride in their work. Manufacturing competence includes consistent education and retraining to update these skills and improve job performance. Reliability is built into every stage of the manufacturing process by a rigid series of quality control procedures that starts with raw material and continues throughout the manufacturing process.


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