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Temperature is the most common measurement for all  Industrial Processing and now , the need for accuracy and reliability in this area has assumed a  greater importance.

In a world where there are ever increasing demands for cost savings, and for conservation of precious energy resources, continuous improvements in Temperature Measurement & Control techniques become essential.

The recognition of this need and the response to it forms the basis of our 

Total Approach to Temperature Technology

FABRIKA is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of instrumentation for Temperature Measurement & Control. With the onset of newer technologies FABRIKA has consistently adapted and used the latest manufacturing and design techniques to keep itself abreast, and has continued to  provide its customers with reliable and economical systems for measurement & control of temperature .

With its years of practical hands on experience  for a wide variety of industries from the plastic processing to nuclear power industry, fertilizer plants , power plants, aerospace research  , pharmaceutical industry, --  we have satisfied  needs of scientists ,technicians , foremen, engineers , metallurgists ........

We started off as  involved in the manufacture of primary temperature sensors. We have regularly added newer products to our range allowing the customer to satisfy at one place his complete requirements for Instrumentation related to Temperature .

Today we would like to offer our services to industry and research faculty the additional benefits of our infrastructure and our experience to find a solution for the most demanding instrumentation requirements .

We undertake :-

Consultancy for  Turnkey Instrumentation for your factory , plant or research facility.
Sourcing for your Instrumentation requirements with the help of our Partner Associates globally.
Design & Development for your Prototype Requirements of Instrumentation products.


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