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FABRIKA is a specialist in TEMPERATURE. We are the number one thermocouple supplier. Our success in the thermocouple business stems from a FABRIKA exclusive : Total In-house Capability. You get the same high quality ... always.

Thermocouple Fabrication Department :-
Our assembly departments employ imaginative high volume production techniques to transform an array of components into finished thermocouples. Facilities include all types of welding and soldering, mechanical fastening, potting, baking, punching, drilling, grinding, bending and cutting, splicing, twisting, metallic overbraiding, cleaning, and polishing.

Quality Control :-
Incoming raw materials are checked to specifications at incoming inspection and test areas. Individual inspection stations in our production departments check thermocouple fabrication at each critical stage. All completed thermocouples must pass our rigid final inspections and tests before being shipped.

How to Create a Special Design :-
FABRIKA maintains a thermocouple design staff and comprehensive facilities for developing thermocouples for unusual applications. Many of our thermocouple designs are the result of engineering liaison between customer and FABRIKA's engineers. In large volume applications a prototype thermocouple might be submitted for testing in the customer’s facilities before production begins. Others are built directly from customer’s drawings, often with suggestions for improved performance and cost reduction from our design group.


FABRIKA manufactures a range of  Industrial Thermocouple Assemblies specific to process requirements. Depending on your application build a thermocouple assembly or contact us with your process conditions and we will design and manufacture  a assembly  just for your application.

You can choose from a wide variety of Protection Heads , Extension Assemblies, Protection Sheaths, Sensor Calibrations and Thermowells. Contact us for our literature to view the various options available to you.

-: Some of the Standard Models Manufactured are shown below :-


STABLE PACK - Mineral insulated, metal sheathed thermocouples, are available from our factory from stock or on short delivery, in an extremely wide variety of complete standard thermocouples. A variety of sheath materials, diameters, calibrations and mounting hardware to suit any application are available.

These thermocouples have the sheath fully  annealed and integral with the thermo elements.They can be bent & formed to any shape for easy installation. Bends around mandrels as small as twice the diameter of sheath do not cause rupture of sheath or loss of insulation. Bushings mounting hardware, fittings, Brackets etc. can be welded to the sheath without destroying the insulation.
The sheath can withstand external pressure to 50000 Psi.

STABLEPACK thermocouples feature excellent stability, rapid response, higher accuracy and unusually long life levels as compared to conventional beaded  thermocouples. An unlimited variety of permutations and combinations is possible, to meet  the requirement of any temperature measurement & application.

STABLEPACK thermocouples will unquestionably improve process system accuracy, dependability & versatility.

 FABRIKA's Mineral Insulated Thermocouple assemblies STABLE.PACK cover a wide variety of applications.

FABRIKA's Mineral Insulated Thermocouple assemblies
Available in all Thermocouple Calibrations-tips K,J,T,E,R,S,B,C
From Diameters of 0.25mm to 6.35mm.
High Temperature Resistant Sheath Materials - Platinum, Tantalum, Titanium
Swaged Thermocouple Assemblies.
Grounded, Ungrounded, Exposed Junctions as per your requirements.
Termination styles include quick connect disconnect, plug sockets, Terminal heads, Bare wires, Extension leads.

-:Some of our standard MI Thermocouple Assemblies offered are:-

Skin Temperature Measurement Thermocouples

Brick and Oven Sensors

Multipoint Thermocouple Assemblies

Bearing Sensors

High Velocity Probe

Diesel and Gas Turbine Sensors

Miniature Thermocouple Assemblies

High Pressure Thermocouples

High Temperature Thermocouple Assemblies (for upto 20000C)

Exhaust Gas Thermocouples

   Plastic Industry Thermocouples

Contact us to receive a comprehensive design & selection guide for your Metal Sheathed Mineral Insulated Thermocouple Assembly.

Also available are a range of Thermocouple Assemblies for the Plastic Industry. For more Information on the available models, do contact us to receive our Literature.


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