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Instrumentation for Temperature Measurement & Control 

Our clients want know exactly what is happening in most important part of their processes.That's why they put their faith in instrumentation from FABRIKA. We ask you to do the same...........

Technological progress in the field of scientific & industrial instrumentation has been phenomenal in the last few years . This means an ever increasing need to design, make, engineer & service the instruments that have now become so vital a part of industrial growth. FABRIKA has a line of products to Display , Measure, Record and Control, data from various types and combinations of sensors. It includes temperature controllers, monitors,data acquisition, recorders and a variety of custom-made systems.

Our expertise in in the field of temperature measurment & control instrumentation comes from the fact that we are the number one manufacturers of Temperature Sensors and can understand & address the intricate & relevant details of a temperature measurement & control system.

Temperature Controllers:-
Our line of advanced and reliable controllers is suitable for all aspects of industrial and laboratory temperature control. If your application is plastic extrusion or moulding, packaging, fibre manufacturing, food processing, or material testing we have a controller to match your needs; from the simplest to advanced & accuracte PID types.

Digital Temperature Indicators:-
These indicators, with fully linearized ranges for thermocouples, and resistance thermometers, provide accurate readings in single or multipoint applications.

Portable Hand-held Thermometers:-
Hand-held, lightweight, digital thermometers are available with a wide range of sensors for various applications, such as food processing, air-conditioning and ventilation, plastic extrusion and moulding, etc.

Any temperature equipment manufacturer should also be a calibration specialist. We have developed a portable calibrator offering laboratory standard accuracy and versatility . These calibrators are available for RTD’s as well as thermocouple instruments. Third party Calibration Certiicate with traceability can be offered as an added feature.

Transmitters mounted in-head on thermocouples or resistance thermometers are available for applications where two-wire transmitting techniques are required.This has particular advantages over long distances or for protection against high electrical noise levels.Rack mounted transmitters are also available, for field and control room installation.

Custom - Built Systems:-
One of the main strengths of FABRIKA is the ability to design and produce custom - built systems to suit special applications. We have recently introduced DYna.SCAN range of   Universal Scanners & Loggers with a PC interface  for automating your process control requirements. Call us for a discussion. We will design a system and associated software for controlling your process environment .

Besides the instrumentation, the sensors, wire and cables, and connection systems can all be supplied from " in-house ".


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