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Modern Process Control Systems perform a variety of functions such as Measure , Analyze, Transmit , Regulation and Control of the various process parameters. Instrumentation & Signal Cables form a vital arm of this network for interconnecting and relating the various functions. Suitability of a cable for a particular application depends on the volume and type of data to be transmitted , the operational environment and the required degree of reliability.

The Cable Division of FABRIKA have expertise in the manufacture of cables . which include a range of standard instrumentation & signal cables.

FABRIKA manufactures :-




STABLECAB Wires & Cables are available with various types of insulations to meet specific requirements, viz. High Abrasion Resistance, Moisture Impermeability, Temperature Resistance, Resistance against Chemical attack, etc. 
By application of :-

Fiberglass, Teflon  etc., for High Temperature Use.
PVC, Polyethylene, Nylon, etc. with standard properties for general application.
Special Grade Plastics viz. Flame Special Grade Plastics viz. Flame Retardant low Smoke, Heat Resistant, Rodent Protected etc. for    hazardous locations.

Silicon Rubber for high flexibility applications etc.

Special Features :-

Matched pairs for thermocouple conductors.
Solid or Stranded construction offered as per strength requirement .
Single  or Multi pair cables manufactured as per specifications.
Insulation Combinations  to meet specific application requirements.
Quality Control by attention to specification options during each phase of manufacture.
Conductors  twisted and shielded for magnetic and electric interference rejection.
Metal over braids for increased protection against Mechanical Stress and Abrasion.
Armors for burial underground or for application where long vertical runs are required.

-: Call  STABLECAB t o seek assistance for cable design :-


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